Electronic Invoicing

electronic invoicing e-invoiceFor me as the owner of a small business, I am always looking for ways to improve things where I can save some time and money. You wouldn’t believe how often simple changes can make a really big difference.

One good example for this would be our fax machine. We had to pay for an extra phone line and fax number, in addition to the regular maintenance that was necessary to keep the fax machine running. Problem only, the machine was hardly ever used.

What we did is switch out the fax machine for a online fax service. This fax service means you can as before send and receive faxes, without the requirement for a second phone line and without the requirement for a fax machine. While the cost savings here may not be massive it’s often a number of such small things that can ultimately end up saving you a good chunk on unnecessary expenses.

The biggest positive change for my business I have seen from switching to electronic invoicing. The invoicing process was always rather time-consuming and definitely everything but effective. It always took several days to ship out the invoices by mail, not to mention the additional work in the mail-room and of course the cost for stamps.

Electronic invoicing helps us to improve the entire invoice process. We don’t mail out invoices any longer but instead email them to an electronic invoice service called CloudTrade. Since most of our partners now also switched to electronic invoicing this means that they will get the invoices right away without the time-consuming mailing process involved.

The good thing about E-Invoice is that it didn’t require any financial investment or new equipment to make the switch. Since the process is pretty much the same as we had before we didn’t need to train our staff either. The only difference here is that we are now emailing the invoices and this is something everyone can do.